Smaller, faster, lighter and longer lifetime

Power conversion

Electronic devices and appliances such as phones, computers, lighting and household devices are ubiquitous in everyday life. All of these products need at least one power converter to convert the electrical power from the grid or battery to the needs of the product. For example, a laptop requires a charger to convert the AC electricity from the mains outlet to the DC voltage needed to charge the battery.

Ever since the invention of AC electricity, bulky and heavy iron core transformers have handled this conversion. The first disruptive change in power conversion came with the invention of the Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) in the early 1970s. The SMPS dramatically decreased the size and weight while increasing the conversion efficiency. The principles of power conversion have not changed significantly since then, and traditional SMPSs have reached a point where only incremental improvements are possible.


The change from iron core transformer to SMPSs in the 1970s increased the conversion frequency 1,000 times, from the 50/60 Hz from the mains to 50 kHz. Nordic Power Converters’ breakthrough in power conversion offers the same 1,000-fold increase, step up in frequency increasing it from 50 kHz to 50 MHz.

This advance requires new circuits and radically new ways of designing power converters. Nordic Power Converters has enabled this change by combining circuits from the RF industry with the design methodology of power electronics. These topologies eliminate the switching losses that limit the switching frequency of traditional SMPSs. High-frequency power converters use significantly smaller energy storage elements, thereby eliminating the use of the most unreliable electrical components such as electrolytic capacitors.

Nordic Power Converters provide detailed and customized design information on the technology to its partners on a case-by-case basis.

Key advantages

  • Increased lifetime by removal of the least reliable electrical components
  • Reduced size and weight by up to 80%
  • Extremely low profile of the power converter
  • Ultra-fast transient response due to the high switching frequency
  • Greener footprint due to less materials and removal of rare earth materials

No drawbacks - just benefits.


Nordic Power Converters’ innovative technology can be used in almost any application that requires a power converter. The technology platform is relevant for both for AC/DC and DC/DC power converters and for high and low power levels.

In applications where the power converters’ lifetime is a bottleneck for the overall product such as LED lighting, the increased lifetime can in most cases increase the lifetime of the entire product by at least a factor of two, and often much more.

In applications where the size and weight affects design, such as slim LED pendants or chargers for laptops, the reduced size and weight improve aesthetics of design and reduces inconvenience of carrying a charger when travelling.

In applications such as ultra flat TVs and screens, the technology platform can be used to design extremely low profile power converters, thereby reducing the thickness of the TVs and screens.