LED lighting

LED lighting is rapidly penetrating the lighting market and is expected to dominate in most lighting applications within a few years. The high efficiency and long lifetime that can be achieved with LED products is driving this development together with increased controllability and new design options for LED products. The industry has solved some of the main issues for LED lighting such as light color and price, while LED drivers still present some significant design, manufacturing, and performance challenges.

Nordic Power Converters’ products address these remaining issues with their high quality LED drivers for lighting products and applications where size, cost, lifetime and reliability are of critical importance.

Key advantages

  • Increased lifetime by removal of the least reliable electrical components
  • Reduced size and weight by up to 80%
  • Extremely low profile of the LED driver
  • Ultra-fast transient response due to the high switching frequency
  • Greener footprint due to less materials and removal of rare earth materials

Ndrawbacks - just benefits.

Benefits in lighting products

Nordic Power Converters’ LED drivers with reduced footprint and height enable new and better design of LED products, bringing driver performance on a par with current LED technology. Users can enjoy a wider selection of more aesthetic lighting products for use in homes, workspaces and lighting ambience in general. Nordic Power Converters opens up a whole new set of new design possibilities and LED products for its partners to offer users.

The longer lifetime of the LED driver increases the lifetime of the overall lighting product, thereby reducing the cost of ownership and increasing the return on investment. Reduced failures of LED products caused by the LED drivers are important for many users and owners, for example in places like street lighting and high bay locations where the cost of changing a light source is substantial or where security is of utmost importance. 


Nordic Power Converters provides premium LED drivers for the general lighting market, suitable for LED luminaries such as down lights, track lights and street lighting. For stand-alone power converters, the complete product is certified. The new LED drivers offer longer lifetime in a smaller form factor and with options for standard lighting controls methods such as 1-10 V, PWM, DALI, and Zigbee.

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