Constant expansion

Nordic Power Converters has a development plan entailing constant expansion of the team to reflect the business opportunities and technical challenges. The team has already tripled and expects to do so again within the next 12 months. Nordic Power Converters balances the interest in strengthening the team with new experiences and determined capabilities with the interest of expanding in a controlled pace. 


The ambition is to implement the disruptive technology in every home and set a new standard for power converters with respect to size and lifetime. To do so, each team member must explore new territory and exploit solutions known to work. Deep collaboration and information sharing are vital characteristics for achieving the ambition.

Over years, the team has delivered according to plan, kept the targets clear while attending to details. Each team member plans ahead, follows up and makes the required contributions for the venture to deliver on promises. We share learnings, celebrate successes and create value.

Join us

Nordic Power Converters eagerly welcomes interest in joining the venture, both for the following imminent as well as subsequent roles. Being part of a young and lean organization offers great responsibilities, variety and flexibility. We expect everyone in the team to innovate, deliver and be reliable – and to enjoy the pace.

If you are a new possible team member, short or medium term, please send your resume to .


Embedded software developer 

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