Nordic Power Converters began with a technical breakthrough of Mickey Madsen, co-founder and CEO, enabling the switching frequency of resonant power converters to increase 1,000 times without the circuits failing. In short, he found a way to produce the electronic driver equivalent of Formula 1 engine using standard components. Nordic Power Converters is now bringing his initial and subsequent breakthroughs to market.


Billions of everyday products use electrical power converters to power them, such as computers, screens and LED lights. The team was motivated by the considerable application possibilities of this disruptive technology, sharing the vision that it should be in every home and business.

While researching and developing the technology at DTU, the Technical University of Denmark, they started listening to potential customers and users in several markets and segments. The feedback was that the size and weight of traditional power converters are very inconvenient, and that limited lifetime is a serious drawback for their products. Their new technology addresses exactly these pain points.

Nordic Power Converters has chosen to focus on LED lighting as the first application for the technology. The use of NPC’s driver technology in LED lighting will deliver significant improvements to manufacturers and substantial savings to customers.


Nordic Power Converters was incorporated in 2014 with six founders and has gotten access to important IP rights from DTU through a tech transfer agreement. The team has tripled in size by June 2015 and expects to continue to grow steadily and significantly.

The team behind the company has won numerous awards, both commercial and technical, including the Danish Tech Challenge (elite hardware accelerator with DKK 500,000 prize (US$75.000), the Venture Award of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, EIT (tailored support package of significant value) and the Nordic Cleantech Open. Mickey Madsen received the Semikron Innovation Award 2015 from ECPE European Center for Power Electronics.



Top foto: Birger Storm, Billed-Bladet